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Restoration Information

New Jersey Natural Gas customers please go to the Hurricane Sandy Resource Center for important updates on NJNG service as well as community resources, and safety information.

We are advising customers as follows:

  • As a property owner, you are responsible for maintaining all gas lines on your side of the meter.
  • You need to have a qualified technician inspect all your gas lines for proper operation and leaks.
  • Any furnaces, boilers or other appliances exposed to flooding or other storm-related damage must be serviced and determined to be safe for use by qualified technicians.
  • Once a qualified technician has determined that your gas system and equipment are safe for use, the technician should connect your gas line to the gas valve. Click here for a list of technicians
  • Once the qualified technician establishes the piping connection and determines that it is safe for use, the gas valve can be turned to the on position.
  • There will be a tag on the valve, which must be signed and dated by both the resident and the technician, and then returned to the municipal code official.